I am the owner of Infinieye. Currently, I am the only working employee, until we gain more infustructure and customer base. I've had a huge hobby in electronics since I was about four years old, and everyday my knowledge continues to expand. I run my own personal server at home, and familiar with Linux, Windows, and MacOS. Hardware and Software has always been my passion, thus the startup of this company.

Josh Owens

 Infinieye's Staff Team

About Us:

Infinieye was founded upon helping customers setup and use their computer, giving the confidence and support they need. We want to offer a cheap and great customer service experience, giving you the benefit of knowing you can breathe safely using your computer without stress. Computers and servicing computers is our hobby, turning it in to a business model. Helping the community using a hobby is what we offer to do, along with giving the tools to do so. Infinieye has a committment and promise to provide stellar customer service and comfort of electronics being easy to use.